United Semiconductor assists Leijie Electronics to launch the industry's first single-chip 24GHz radar transceiver using CMOS process
Source: United Semiconductors (Shandong) Co., Ltd. Date: 2019-7-23

Terasilicon Microelectronics CO., LTD., Taiwan's fabless millimeter wave (mmWave chip design company) has announced the launch of the Orthrus series of 24GHz single-chip CMOS radar sensor solutions. (1T1R) and single-transmission dual-reception (1T2R) products. The Orthrus radar transceiver uses the low-power process of United Microelectronics, which is the industry's first single-chip 24GHz radar transceiver that uses the CMOS process and is the most integrated.

Luo Zhenghong, General Manager of United Semiconductors said, "In the past, millimeter-wave radar products were mostly concentrated in the high-priced automotive market, and products in the 24GHz band have always been dominated by silicon-germanium processes. Although many commercial applications require millimeter-wave radar sensors, The integration is limited, and the price is not close to the people. At the same time, the lack of reference designs such as complete millimeter-wave antennas and algorithms has led to the application of millimeter-wave sensors in industrial and consumer electronics. We always only hear the stairs and not see people. We are very Glad to assist Leijie Electronics in the successful mass production of a single chip of 24GHz radar transceiver on UMC's low-power CMOS design platform. We will be able to foresee that smart appliances, energy-saving control, personnel sensing, 24mm CMOS millimeter-wave radar sensors can be found in security surveillance and even other consumer applications. "

Liu Shiwei, Deputy General Manager of Marketing of UMC, pointed out: "To be widely used in industrial intelligent sensing industry, radar sensors need reliable, low power consumption and reasonable cost CMOS solutions. The mmWave process technology provided by UMC includes With 55nm, 40nm ultra-low power consumption and 28nm high-performance or low-power platform, 22nm ultra-low power consumption and ultra-low leakage process will be available in the future, allowing customers to plan their products. Can be used more flexibly. "

Yang Lantai, Chief Operating Officer of Leijie Electronics, said: "Because the market size of traditional millimeter wave communication is limited, the development of CMOS in this field has been slow. However, in recent years, it has benefited from the active development of 5G communication in the millimeter wave band, which is close to 5G millimeter wave communication. The 24GHz ISM band in the frequency band will also spawn a large number of cost-effective CMOS millimeter-wave sensor applications. Thunderjet Electronics has released the world's first complete solution for commercial 24GHz radar transceivers, which can effectively reduce customers' product development time by more than 80%. This year In the fourth quarter, Leijie Electronics will also provide multi-chip package (MCP) radar sensor products with microcontrollers. Through cooperation with UMC, it will support customers worldwide and develop low-power products with excellent process platforms. In the future, we will continue to evolve and develop our products according to market needs and the latest specifications. "

You Shi'an, Chief Technology Officer of Leijie Electronics, pointed out: "In the past, when talking about the application of MMIC radar, aircraft, ships or high-end vehicles were mainly used, and industrial Internet of Things related applications were less considered. Compared with current European and American MMIC suppliers, The silicon-germanium products that can be provided, the Orthrus radar transceivers are 100% integrated with all the secondary systems required on high-performance radar systems, contain a fully automatic calibration engine, and have highly programmable circuit system parameters without the need for an external phase-locked loop , High- and low-pass filters, or automatic gain control circuits, is a versatile software-defined radar product, providing customers with unparalleled design convenience and product cost-effectiveness. "

Leijie Electronics also provides the Sense Boost Integrated Intelligent Sensing development platform for Orthrus series products, including a variety of antennas, circuit board systems and algorithms, and other highly completed designs, which can complete multi-mode under the same hardware The state-of-the-art sensing function greatly reduces the barriers to entry for radar product development, and can be used with commercial controllers and digital signal processors on the market to enable non-vehicle markets such as industrial and consumer electronics to achieve high cost performance. Radar sensing technology breaks the limitation that traditionally radar sensors can only be used in high-priced, high-cost products, allowing unlimited possibilities for radar sensor applications.

About United Semiconductors: United Semiconductors (Shandong) Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 as a professional integrated circuit design service company established by UMC in the mainland. Lianhe focuses on SoC design services for advanced process nodes. It can provide customers with flexible design solutions and technical support, covering RTL, IP, Synthesis, APR, DFT and many other design links. Since its establishment, Lianhe has more than 100 This project provides design services and tape support.

About Thunderjet Electronics: Thunderjet Electronics is committed to becoming your most reliable millimeter wave integrated system design partner. Leijie Electronics' 24GHz (ISM band) millimeter wave transceiver chip products are manufactured through the most advanced CMOS semiconductor process, which has achieved a high level of integration that other competitive products in the market are unlikely to achieve. Based on this fully integrated CMOS transceiver, Leijie Electronics further provides multi-chip package (MCP) products and multiple sensor design solutions, allowing customers to enjoy the highest performance without compromising on price.

Thunderjet's mission is to combine highly integrated, high-performance semiconductor chips with the most comprehensive design services to assist customers to use advanced millimeter-wave radar technology to provide the most cost-effective millimeter-wave sensor products in relevant application markets and obtain industry competitive advantages.

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