The IC design service industry that Lianhe is engaged in is the industry that will enter the country's main development in the next ten years.
The technology used in IC design services is the core technology of EDA and is not limited to specific types of IC products. That is to say, no matter how the trend of IC products changes, the technology of design services is common, and there is no risk that the IC products will rise and fall without learning.
The technology of IC design services is closely related to the evolution of process technology. Especially working in an IC design service company that works closely with advanced wafer fabs can always be at the forefront of technology and get the best support from all aspects of the fab.
At present, the market demand for ICs is increasing rapidly, and the integration level of SOCs has also been greatly improved; in this case, the market will inevitably increase the demand for talents who know design technology. The high-end talents with advanced design technology are self-evident, and must be the most sought-after gem in the IC design industry chain.
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